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Hello I'm Malachi Thompson III

We now have more information and opportunities than at any other time in human history. You would think we could achieve our goals faster than ever before.

However, there's a huge problem. In today's 24/7 world, we are under pressure to perform, to handle more, to always be “on." As a result, we have less time to take care of ourselves, our bodies, and our lives.

I know what it feels like to be performing at your full potential in one area (profession) of your life while struggling to keep up with other vital parts (faith, family, health and community). 

For more than a decade, I was crushing it in my career—yet essential areas of my life, such as my relationship with my wife and children, my faith, and my health seemed to be on permanent hold. I found myself with an emptiness, no joy. 

As I doubled down to focus on "success", the mounting fatigue took its toll on my life experience and relationships, my mental and physical health, performance, and well-being.

I always kept my game face on, but on the inside I was struggling. Over 20 years, on a quest to optimize my energy, health and performance, I discovered what it actually means to live a high-performance lifestyle.

With the help of a world-class team, I developed these discoveries into the world’s most accessible, simplified, powerful science-based high-performance lifestyle system to optimize human performance.

And I am so grateful and excited to share it with you through the Champion Leaders Institute.

Today, as the founder of Champion Leaders, I help individuals optimize their energy and well-being so they can give their best to life.

I've had the privilege to train and coach elite athletes, entrepreneurs, business professionals and executives in our exclusive high-performance lifestyle system.

If you care, here are some of my formal academic credentials: BA, Political Science, University of Southern MS; MPS, Political Management, The George Washington University; MBA, University of Mass-Amherst; Doctor of Education, Sport & Performance Psychology, University of Western States; Certificate, Sports Essentials, Columbia University.

Remember, you CAN achieve even your most ambitious goals without burning out or trading your health for success. I learned to do it, and I’m privileged to share everything it takes...so you can make the most of this precious life. I hope you’ll join us.


Champion leaders are not made overnight. The journey to becoming a champion leader is the product of both conscious beliefs and behaviors, aligned to make a lasting impact and deliver meaningful results. We believe true success comes from a place of balance and fulfillment. Good individuals become better humans when these needs are met. We’ve consistently found that better humans make better leaders and deliver better results.

At Champions Leaders, we help individuals achieve their potential – from the inside out. As a high-performance lifestyle firm, we provide high-performance consulting, coaching and training from a proven framework that helps people honor and serve every facet of their life to build a foundation for sustainable achievement and success. This approach to human performance is the foundation for exponential living (be more, do more, and have more without losing the joy in the journey).

How long are you going to wait before you demand the best for yourself?


Our Mission

Our mission is to help you optimize your health, maximize your wealth and master your relationships so that you can live your life to the fullness. We teach you how to generate more energy in your life, increase your income, build wealth and 

Get Your Winning Edge Now

Do you want to acquire the 30 keys required to unlock your POTENTIAL and dominate at the next level?



  • We BELIEVE all individuals are CAPABLE, RESOURCEFUL, and FULL of POTENTIAL.

  • We BELIEVE in EXCELLENCE. We have zero tolerance for mediocrity.

  • We BELIEVE in ACTION. It doesn’t just happen.

  • We BELIEVE in GROWTH. Feedback is the breakfast of champions.

  • We BELIEVE in being REAL. We’re all flawsome.

  • We BELIEVE in ACCOUNTABILITY. Everything is your fault. Own it.

  • We BELIEVE in COURAGE. Especially when we’re scared to death.

  • We BELIEVE in OBSESSION. Motivation is weak and passion wanes.



  • We DON’T BELIEVE in EXCUSES. Step up or step aside.

  • We DON’T BELIEVE in BLAMING. Fix it or zip it.

  • We DON’T BELIEVE in WHINING. If you want it, earn it.

  • We DON’T BELIEVE in REGRETS. Just do better next time.

  • We DON’T BELIEVE in GOOD. You are here to be great.

  • We DON’T BELIEVE in MOTIVATION. Do it whether you feel like it or not.

  • We DON’T BELIEVE in DREAMING. Unless you back it up with a crazy amount of doing.

  • And…We DON’T BELIEVE in HUGGING, HIGH-FIVING or JUMPING UP AND DOWN at seminars—that’s just weird.


    WE ARE NOT...

    for the content. The satisfied. The settled. For those who have resolved themselves to the current state of affairs. For those who go with the flow, bend with the wind, travel in the direction of the current.


    achievers meet to take back control, own up to their responsibility, and decide to invent their fate. We don’t believe in luck—we make our own.

    WE ARE...

    where you will find the infamous “crazy ones” you’ve heard about. You remember—the ones others call misfits. Rebels. Troublemakers. The ones who see things, and most importantly, DO things, differently.

    WE ARE NOT...

    for 99% of the world’s population. Because being an elite performer, achiever, a striver, a champion leader is hard work.

    WE ARE...

    practitioners. We are not happy with good enough. For us, good enough ISN'T. We have bold visions and audacious goals. We back that up with relentless drive and courageous, consistent, and obsessive action.


    we take risks. Step forward. Are counted and accountable. Here is where leaders meet. To be pushed, prodded, and made Better Every Day.


    you will find the people who step out front to break new ground. Who captain the uncharted waters and adventure to places most have not been and will never see or experience.

    WE ARE...

    the crazy, hardworking believers others call “insane.” We seek to break the rules of conformity and shake the status quo by the shoulders. We are the people who change things. The ones who push the human race forward.

    Get Your Winning Edge Now

    Do you want to acquire the 30 keys required to unlock your POTENTIAL and dominate at the next level?

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