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Do you want to acquire the 30 keys required to unlock your POTENTIAL and dominate at the next level?

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Get 30 Keys to Unlock Your POTENTIAL & become Unbeatable in Life

Develop Practices That the 0.1% Use to Live Exponentially

We Help You Master These Focus Areas


Align personal and professional missions

Having clarity of purpose and mission will enable you to envision the Future strategically and consistently in your life.


Increase mental awareness and mental cognition 

Self-awareness is the gateway to your success. Every result you achieve is a result of your creations. And your mind is the creative center of everything that you do. You are the creator of your outcomes. You are either a conscious participant in the creator process or not.


Be grounded in life and in the present moment

Every minute of your life matters. When you are present—consciously aware, interested, and focused in the moment all of your results will change for the better. Your relationships will improve. You will live fully.


Enhance energy through healthy nutrition, exercise and sleep

The physical dimension will enhance your stamina, vitality, alertness and recovery by helping you maximize your energy capacity.


Develop laser focus and ruthlessly eliminate distractions 

Keeping the main thing the main thing will give you Next Level productivity. You'll be able to shut out the noise and concentrate intensely for extended periods of time at will.


Take any situation and make it work for you

Achieving greatness requires the support of other individuals. Greater influence in your world will lead people believe in you, buy from you, and invest in you. You'll be able to achieve your maximum potential.

Our holistic, purpose-driven approach helps individuals become physically energized, mentally focused and fully engaged in the moments that matter – for real results at work and at home.

Life is NOT an Exhibition Game

​Life is too short to spend any MORE of your time distracted & held back by noise (information overload, your internal thoughts, confusion, outcomes, stress, fatigue, others opinions, media etc.).

You are here to fulfill a special assignment. A mission. To contribute something unique.

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Get Your Winning Edge Now

Do you want to acquire the 30 keys required to unlock your POTENTIAL and dominate at the next level?

“I highly recommend Malachi Thompson…his business acumen is bar-none. He worked with us on our organizational strategic plan, which had a huge impact on the performance of our organization. His professionalism and talent led to the best part of our interaction--trust. I could trust him to represent our needs in every situation. His coaching and mentoring set us on the path to success. With his assistance, we rerouted our model and saw a 300% increase in sales by following his advice regarding our brand. He knows "Why"...”


CEO, Maggard & Maggard LLC

"Malachi’s unwavering support and commitment to the ADOC has been invaluable to our overall leadership development program. As always, he delivers vital information, tools, and resources, which will shape and pave the way for current and future leaders of the ADOC."

M. Brand

Associate Commissioner, ADOC Leadership Training & Development

“Champion Leaders team, I have to thank you for helping me to build the courage to face my fears, for making me admit that I can’t do it all and most of all for helping me through the emotional roller coaster of life. I can honestly say that without your help and guidance I would not be standing as straight and tall as I am now. Life has always been tough but you have made mine that much easier. For that I will be eternally grateful and consider myself lucky that I had you in my life.”

M. B.

D1 Collegiate Football Player

“Malachi brought us concepts that were easy to understand and to put into action immediately in my life and my organization. I left a recent seminar inspired and possessing tools that will make me a better business owner, but more importantly a better person. I could not have been more satisfied with what Malachi provided us, and the event was better by having him there.”

R. Parker

CEO, Parker Advance Services

"Champion Leaders is the real deal if you are looking to unleash the vast, untapped human potential in your organization to drive performance and productivity. Integrity, depth of expertise and flawless execution are the hallmarks of this impressive organization."

Aaron G.

U.S. Air Force

"Wow! More than ever I realize that I am a work in progress. It's not just the amazing content in this program, but the process...the process of discovery has taken me to a new level of awareness in what motivates me and what holds me back. Here's to a brand new day!"

Lori P.

CEO, OT Solutions 360 LLC

"Champion Leaders Coaching is awesome for gaining clarity on your purpose and learning to maximize your energy! It's not your ordinary coaching program. You have an opportunity to bring awareness to the issues that have hindered you from living a purposeful life."

Christalyn W.

Television Producer


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